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Modes of Transpotation in Logistics

In order to transport material from one place to another Logistics Managers are using Rail, Road, Air, Water & Pipe Line as the modes of Transportation. A logistics expert needs to understand these modes based on priorities, product type. lead time etc. to decide the appropriate mode of Transportation.

  • Rail : Used for delivery of a wide range of goods including coal, iron ore, cement, food grains, fertilizers, steel, petroleum products and other heavy goods.
  • Road : Used by suppliers to deliver goods in a cost effective manner and best suited for short distances. Many transport companies have expertise for fast delivery, packaging etc. for making scheduled delivery.
  • Air : Used mostly for delivery of high value and tow volume goods from distant suppliers, usually not connected by any other mode of Transportation. It is also suitable for emergent item to be imported for some specific requirement.
  • Water : Used by firms for delivery of goods from distant suppliers, mostly conducted in containers of varied size. This mode is ideal for transportation of heavy and bulky goods and suitable for products with long lead times.
  • Pipe Line : Used by oil sector companies for mass movement of Petroleum products including gases. Due to quite low operating cost it is one of the preferred mode of transportation.

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