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Logistics is the art and science of managing and controlling the flow of goods, energy, information and other resources like products, services and people from the source of production to the marketplace. It is difficult or nearly impossible to accomplish any international trading, global export/import processes, international repositioning of raw materials/products and manufacturing without a professional logistical support. It involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging. The operating responsibility of logistics is the geographical repositioning of raw materials, work in process and finished inventories where required at the lowest cost possible.Logistics and Supply Chain services are provided by a wide range of 3rd party suppliers.

Origins and Definition

The word of logistics originates from the ancient Greek logos (λ?γος), which means “ratio, word, calculation, reason, speech, oration”.

Logistics is an idea considered to have transformed from the military's need to supply themselves as they moved from their base to a forward position. In ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine empires, there were military officers with the title ‘Logistikas’ who were responsible for financial and supply distribution matters.

The Oxford English dictionary defines logistics as: “The branch of military science having to do with procuring, maintaining and transporting material, personnel and facilities.”  Another dictionary definition is: "The time related positioning of resources."  As such, logistics is commonly seen as a branch of engineering which creates "people systems" rather than "machine systems".

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